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Agens Shareholders Agreement for clients: editing and processing prices

Päivitetty: 27. huhtik. 2023

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Agens AI Lawyer at your service

Agens AI Lawyer digital tool includes the following options for Shareholders Agreement:

  • Basic model: 14 pages, for start-ups and founders

  • Long model: 19 pages, for growth companies and medium size companies

  • Corporate model: 31 pages, for corporate level companies including special conditions

  • We also have Employee's Shareholder Agreement for B-shares, Option Agreement, and Terms of Option Program

Examples of our Shareholders Agreement pricing:

Basic model (14-16 pages) and Long model (19 pages) completed in total of 2-3 hours work á 160eur/h (+ vat) covering the whole process and 3 document versions with comments and final versions with electronic signatures. Agens has extensive experience in using English language in business and legal processes and more than 225 English-language document templates in AI Lawyer.

Affordable pricing model is based on the AI Lawyer tool we use and our experience in concluding Shareholder Agreements.

Please contact: Agens Ltd Seppo Parviainen Managing Director, Corporate Lawyer, Partner


Dif Board professional, Certified Board member, HPJ and HHJ-PJ courses completed

Digital Legal Practice + Legal Tech Law Office

Address: Kauppaneuvoksentie 8, 00200 Helsinki | +358 40 1711 241

Creating a digital meeting room in AI Lawyer in 7 minutes: Managing 470 legal templates in AI Lawyer in 7 minutes:

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