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Agens Ltd - Your legal and business advisor in Finland

Are you planning to start a company in Finland or are you already doing business in Finland? Our experienced legal team advises on starting and running an international business whether you are new to Finland or have been here for a long time. We take care of the complexity caused by regulation, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Agens is the legal partner of Business Helsinki and YritysEspoo, and we assist entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes in the following areas:

📝 Contracts & Business transactions

💻 ICT & Legal Tech

🔏 Data Protection & Privacy

💡 Intellectual Property Rights

💼 Employment

🏛️ Real Estate & Lease

🌲 Environment & Construction

As a member of World Law Alliance (WLA) global network, our clients have access to legal services in various sectors, industries, and more than 100 jurisdictions around the world. Thanks to this collaboration, we can connect our clients with trusted local experts for a global viewpoint in legal matters, regardless of where they do business.

Agens Ltd. CEO Seppo Parviainen has 30+ years of experience as a corporate lawyer, managing director, partner, and board advisor. Seppo is known for his expertise in the development of digital legal processes and business law. Seppo has specialized in public procurement, company law, data protection, and real estate law, having experience with hundreds of assignments, trainings, and consultations for a wide range of customers from small businesses to large public entities. In addition, Seppo has extensive experience in commercial management and board work in different companies, and has a Dif board professional acknowledgement since 2011.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or looking to leverage your cross-border business, contact us for 30-minute free-of-charge consultation:

Seppo Parviainen

CEO, Managing Partner

+358 40 171 12 41



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