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AGENS (n.)

Automatically Generated Negotiation Spaces

History and Vision of Agens

Agens Oy was founded in Helsinki in 2016 out of necessity for high-quality and cost-effective commercial legal services for companies, communities, and individuals. The realization was born to combine versatile legal expertise with digital tools. Since the beginning, Agens has adopted innovations and technology in order to develop and improve the cost-effectiveness and cogency of legal services. This became possible when the company had an opportunity to build its own digital legal tools with initial funding. The tools in use now are the results of the second and third development phases.

Agens has continued to expand its services and expertise while remaining loyal to its core principles, which are individual service, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Our business model is a combination of people-oriented jurisprudence, the latest technology, and the utilization of a comprehensive network of legal experts. Today, Agens is a modern full-service business law office, whose extensive client base includes SMEs, internationally operating growth companies, municipalities, and cities, as well as entrepreneurs and private individuals in Finland and abroad.

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At Agens, we are committed to offering our clients versatile and innovative legal services that are always tailored to our clients' special needs. We promise to be responsible, communicative, and transparent in all our interactions in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We understand that legal matters can be complex ​​and stressful, which is why we make it our priority to be available to our clients at all stages, always proceeding with tact and complete confidentiality. Our uncomplicated and straightforward approach to legal services combined with personalized service and digital tools sets us apart from other traditional law firms.

"From Agens you get both commercial and legal advice for any
business challenges with a good price/quality ratio."

Medi Connection Oy, Chairman of the Board Irja Suokas

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Let's arrange a meeting in Teams or at our office, we'll be happy to tell you more about us and our services, and find out your legal needs together.

World Law Alliance

As a member of World Law Alliance's global network of legal experts, Agens' clients have access to legal services in various sectors, industries, and more than 100 jurisdictions around the world. We help our clients cope with the complexity and challenges caused by competition, regulation, and globalization regardless of where they operate. Together we offer cross-border, multiregional legal expertise to serve international brands as well as growth companies and communities aiming for international markets. The legal expert team of Agens works closely with its World Law Alliance partners to offer a wide range of cross-border services in international transactions and litigation, compliance with international and local regulation, and high-quality legal advice and business support for your company. Thanks to this collaboration, Agens ensures that its clients have a global viewpoint on legal matters combined with the local expertise of trusted and experienced lawyers. The combination of legal tech, human expert work, and a global network of legal professionals makes Agens the best option for companies and individuals that have a need for agile, high-quality, and cost-effective legal services.


Global Law

Agens Ltd. is recommended by the international Global Law Experts network in its directory of law firms in "Business" category in Finland.

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