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Secure and Easy-to-use Digital Tools for Business Development

Use AI Lawyer as a collective remote negotiation space where you can invite parties and bring your own documents from your device. You can also take advantage of 490 ready-made document templates prepared by lawyers in the tool by searching for a document by its common name or browsing different document/topic groups in the menu. By sharing the editing space for documents, you can share content, edit, and comment on documents during the negotiation, give access to documents after the negotiations, and share completed documents for electronic signature.

Agens International is a secure digital space for remote meetings and conferences and for editing and presentation of documents suitable for wide and scalable international use. It can be used in all languages and with your own documents alone or together with the most popular remote meeting tools and applications.

You always have all your documents in one place, and each meeting space is created separately and deleted after the process is finished. AI Lawyer and Agens International work e.g. with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom through window and screen sharing.

Areas of use:

  • Board meetings

  • General meetings

  • Client meetings

  • Sales and procurement meetings

  • HR matters and employment contracts

  • Company's internal remote meetings

  • Project meetings

  • Remote meetings between lawyer and client

Contact Us!

Contact us for a demo of the features and functionalities of AI Lawyer or Agens International tools via Teams. Meanwhile, check out these 7-minute videos on how to use AI Lawyer:

Price List

Legal practice hourly rate       160eur/h + VAT

We always tailor a service package according to your needs, the price of which is agreed in advance.

Our service always includes a free of charge 30-minute first meeting carried out remotely, based on which we agree on the follow-up.

Examples of services and pricing:

Document and Contract Review:

  • 1-4 pages 60 eur

  • 5-20 pages 120 eur

  • 20+ pages agreed separately

Shareholder Agreement
320 - 480 eur + VAT

Includes a basic model shareholder agreement customized in total of 2-3 hours work

Non-Disclosure Agreement
160 - 320 eur + VAT

Includes a unilateral or mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement customized in total of 1-2 hours work

Outsourced Legal & Business Parner
starting from 160 eur + VAT

Outsourcing legal business partner and consulting services are separately agreed upon at a monthly price. We assess together which of your needs would benefit from our outsourced service.

Digital Tool Licences:

AI Lawyer 30 eur / month
Agens International 15 eur / month


Privacy Statement and Cookies
160 eur + VAT

Includes the privacy statement and cookie policy for the website customized in total of 1 hour work

Limited Company Founding package
320 eur + VAT

Includes the Founding Agreement, minutes of the founding meeting, and Articles of Association customized in total of 2 hours work

Book an appointment for a remote meeting to discuss your company's needs or our digital tools demo in Teams! 

Legal Practice for Companies, Communities, and Individuals

Agens Ltd is an expert in both business law and business development. In addition to jurisprudence, our team has experience and know-how in commercial business management, executive administration, and consulting, as well as through a certified background in board activities. We also offer support for the CEO, Board of Directors and Board Advisor operations. In all areas, we also cooperate with WLA's global network of legal specialists and can connect you with a local expert organization around the world.
Our flexible and transparent mode of operation guarantees that you won't pay hidden costs. Our AI Lawyer tool contains 490 different ready-made legal document templates with fill-in instructions. Our lawyers will check the documents you have made yourself quickly and inexpensively on demand, or they will prepare the documents and contracts on your behalf.

When buying legal services, you need more than just legal advice. By acquiring Agens as an outsourced legal business partner as part of your team, you:

  • gain predictability and planning for handling legal matters in your business

  • save time, money, and resources

  • have peace of mind, risk management, and special expertise in your business area

  • benefit from the efficiency by technology and regulatory artificial intelligence

We serve companies, communities, and private individuals (entrepreneurs) in the following core areas: 

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