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The world of legal industry is changing. Lawyers all around the globe report customer demand of more digital services, different approaches, and general tools to advance their own practice through digitalisation. Technology of Agens Oy is built for this purpose specially. Our Platform together with content editing and version management tools enables a law firm of any size, from a small office scaling up to multinational giants with hundreds of professionals.

What is this "Agens tech" then? Our Platform is an application for tailoring of documents. You can build contracts, notifications, consultancy tools, information gathering vehicles and such easily. Our interface is appraised by our clients as easy to use, straightforward and understandable. Technological backend is of "industrial torque" - strong engine can manage huge document-building rules and dialogues. Complex conditions for an introduction of certain clause can be built. Our Platform is also available for integrated use through our API, and when integrated, user may populate all files they build with Agens platform to their own databanks, extranets etc.

Legal professionals, as anyone whose writing matters, also appreciate the fact that files compiled with Agens platform come out as clean Microsoft Word docx, with the styling of your office - no need to add those watermarks or fight with page numbering anymore.

How does this work? You structure a document with

1) contents that are always there, no need to tailor

2) rules to introduce conditional content (eg. when to input an arbitration clause or not)

3) input fields, in which you need to input specifics - like names and numbers.

These are then published to your "account" of platform (and kept information secure!) where you, or your junior or senior collagues may use them - and all files tailored with predetermined choices always adhere to an accepted variation of the document. See our videos:




How users are using this solution? There are simple and fast steps making it possible to create fast high level legal documents:

1. User goes in with own code based on license agreement made with re-seller 
oor usen own e-mail address and password

2. User choose needed document from a list of pre-made documents, tools and agreements 
3. User makes document 95% ready inside the system 
4. User will send this document to own e-mail as word document
5.User can save document to needed place, send it to other party and check possible small changes 
6. User saves final document and both parties sign it. Possibility to save as pdf form and sign digitally.

It is also possible to sell documents to consumers using internet based sales. Agens Ltd is doing it in Finland. In Finland Agens digital document motor is integrated to Sign Space digital signature and digital document warehousing system. It is easy to use either without this integration or with it. This is always a local issue.

 Call Tuomas, +358447243677 or Seppo +358401711241!

Download our leaflet from here!

See further examples of our technology In Youtube as videos:
In the videos, as in the tech itself too, you can see user inputs on the left and then the preview of the document is built and progresses on the right. 
Afterwards the ready document is viewed in MS Word.

  Multi-lingual NDA

See also other demos on our Youtube channel






Agens Ltd operates at the market of legal services; in Finland this is circa 1 billion Euros. We seek to go globaloffering our Legal Tech technology and needed support to chosen partners outside Finland. Our cloud based  technology and digital tools are 100 % scalable to partners and there is a possibility for a Partner  to use:

-International, English legal documents (Alread basic agreements ready and growing all the time)
-Translations to local languace from already made legal documents (checking timetable, availability, cost)
- Assortment of legal tools based on own local languace (checking timetable, availability, costs)
-Own local content based on re-sellers own material in word document (can be started immeaditely after  made)

Co-operation with Agens Ltd means following things:

-Co-operation agreement made after both parties have had needed information about  both
parties competence, targets and common plans
-Local Partner can be a re-seller or big local customer in chosen country, when there is no re-seller
-Co-operation with re-seller is based on yearly payment (4 figure sum of euros) to use Agens Ltd world class Legal Technology and value-sharing model, where local Partner is making the business in chosen country  meaning Sales work, Customer agreements, Local service and development, Local Assortment and development.
-Agens will support re-seller keeping Legal Technology working in this country (SLA agreement) and offering  back office services to local Partner at own cost based pricing in needed areas like:
1.Legal language translations to documents and tools
2.Making new agreements and tools to local markets based on Re-sellers material as digital working tools
3.Giving sales supporting tools like content to re-sellers internetpages, leaflets, pictures and  videos
4. Giving IT support in codes, customer numbers etc  
5. Giving support to build new technological solutions also based on re-sellers and/or customers need
6. It- support based on server systems and SLA needs
7. Licence Agreement models to local markets for re-sellers use

Value sharing model is giving Re-seller/Local Partner normally 70% of the local profits based on the local work. Value sharing model is giving Agens ltd normally 30% of the local profits based on Agens Ltd work to keep system working all the time, costs of  developing the system, handling rising cloud costs  and paying back investments made for the system.

This way Agens Ltd intends to license the technology platform, complete with content and version tools to “ local country based “franchising” partners and grant  rights to country franchise partners to use technology and develop own content and give possibility to use common multilingual tools. Agens is backed by 2 IT-company specialized in IT Law solutions: Citrus Oy and Citrus Solutions Oy ( www.citrus.fi ) a nd have strong Lawyer and business experience. Agens Ltd is also making Business Law with customers in Finland so it is a hybrid.

Agens Ltd 124 Legal Tech tools are just waiting for local language translations and local checking compared to local Law. Are You ready to transform the Legal Industry!


n Legal Tech we offer three main customer support solutions to re-sellers and end-customers . 

1.Our tech-heaviest product, Legal Tech Editor and Flow we offer tool for Legal professionals, enables lawyers and legal offices to better digitize, scale, and structure their own intellectual property, documents, agreements and other juridical tools using the skills of their talented individuals. Price for this is starting from 500 euros/month. Agens Ltd is teaching how to use this system to re-sellers and customers (100euros/hour). 

2.We can build to the customers and re-sellers their own digital agreements, documents and other juridical tools and give customers also IPR rights to customers own content and design and rights to use Agens smart legal technology and re develop it. Based on our strong IT company ownership we can all the time develop new solutions for future needs like in Ai and Blockhain. Normal rates for end customers are Legal design 100 euros/document and 60 euros/page to make this as a workig digital legal tool. For re-sellers rate is Legal design 100 euros/document and 45 euros/page to make this as a workig digital legal tool. 

3.We offer our already made 124 digital tools; Agreement, Document and other tools to our Partners just after local language translation and local law checking. In our solutions it is possible to use several languages in same tool so all the partners can get possibility to have all main languages together with own language in the future. These supporting solutions are agreed with re-sellers case by case.


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