1. Agens Ltd Legal Tech solutions:

International recognition in 2020:

Acquisition International Legal Awards 2020

Agens Ltd – Most Innovative Contract Services Provider – Finland

International recognition in 2021:

Global Business Insight awards 2021

Agens Ltd – Most Innovative Contract Services Provider – Finland

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Fully digitalised pre-sign legal contracts process tool for both international markets in English
business contracts and local markets business contracts. Connected to E-sign and easy to use with
after sign solutions.

Select a template - make  a draft - collect comments from the parties - negotiate in GDPR safe
secure conference room - confirm content - sign electronically.

2 possibilities:

ONLINE VERSION : Ready to use SAAS software with 150 international trade contracts in English-
Advanced editing and negotiation mode and integrated electronic signature. Possibility to
bring own documents inside system.

SUITE VERSION : A personal tool integrated with the customer, in addition to the above following

- Creation tools for Your own national or company specific document bases
- Own product group and product management tools
- Own look and product management system
- Own look and color scheme
- Own permissions and users management
- Own electronic signature management

Bring Your own documents to system and take advantage from Agens more than 150 English
language documents. In Finland we offer also over 190 Finnish documents inside basic
Online version.



2. Agens Ltd Practice of Law

Agens Ltd is a member of the World Law Alliance from Finland:


The World Law Alliance is an integrated legal service in today's world from innovative, future-minded diverse regional law service companies and lawyers with a strong successful history.

More than 2,000 law professionals work together and provide high-quality legal advice, services, solutions, and support to your business l, with the support of which you can navigate rapidly evolving situations and environments and solve your most difficult legal problems around the world.

World Law Alliance services in Finland please contact Seppo Parviainen : 358 40 1711 241/ seppo.parviainen@agens.fi

Agens Ltd is offering Business Law services in Finland and for international trade, board advisor  and Ceo support services and also
business/law advisory services. Ask outsourced In House lawyer  offer and remote law practice offer. Our office is in Helsinki, but
we work over 95% online.

Contact: Seppo Parviainen, Ceo, Partner, MBA,LLM: +358 40 171 1241, seppo.parviainen@agens.fi.

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Seppo Parviainen

Partner, Ceo

 +358 40 171 1241


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Tommi Tiainen

 Chairman of the board

+358 40 586 9066


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Agens has a Network of experienced
business lawyers using our Digital
Legal Tools and who are committed
to our disruptive pricing model!

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