The world of legal industry is changing. Lawyers all around the globe report customer demand of more digital services, different approaches, and general tools to advance their own practice through digitalisation.

Our Platform energizes Your contracting or legal practice through Smart Contract flow: Create- Agree- E-Sign- Integrate.   

Our smart technology helps you to:

- Create the intelligent, smart and proper agreement 

- Manage that contract to signature and after-care

- Energize your admin function through integrations, sources of information and such efficacies. 

All this through easy-to-use, no-project-needed system developed by lawyers and IT folks. 


The main advantages to users:

                      1: create more value-based legal work. 
                  2. decrease of cost for external legal work.
                  3. create higher quality to legal processes and individual agreements and documents. 

Take a quick look on video:

See also other demos on our Youtube channel

Download our full service portfolio: 

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Try for yourself! Access our English document portfolio. 
Testing the tool does not cost anything. 

(Don't worry about the payment. You'll get a good look in our customization interface first, and if you don't feel like investing that 25 EUR, just cancel it from your basket. We won't surprise invoice you or anything like that. )

Let's bring the future to your contracts!

What is this "Agens tech" then? 

Our Platform is an application for tailoring of documents. You can build contracts, notifications, consultancy tools and such easily.

Our interface is appraised by our clients as easy to use, straightforward and understandable. 

Legal professionals, as anyone whose writing matters, also appreciate the fact that files compiled with Agens platform come out as clean Microsoft Word docx, with the styling of your office - no need to add those watermarks or fight with page numbering anymore.

Our service is available as a licence subscription and the basic steps are simple:

1. Choose the document you need

 2. Tailor the document with inputs and the help of instructions

3. Review and send to other party or send to signatories for e-Sign

We offer all the tools of the 2020 in English as well as suitable tools for trade between the people. The International Legal tools assortment range grows from the beginning of January from level of over 50 tools to over 100 tools in the end of the year 2020.     

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Seppo Parviainen


 +358 40 171 1241

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Tommi Tiainen

 Chairman of the board

+358 40 586 9066

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