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The world of legal industry is changing. Lawyers all around the globe report customer demand of more digital services, different approaches, and general tools to advance their own practice through digitalisation. Technology of Agens Oy is built for this purpose specially. Our Platform together with content editing and version management tools enables a law firm of any size, from a small office scaling up to multinational giants with hundreds of professionals.

What is this "Agens tech" then? Our Platform is an application for tailoring of documents. You can build contracts, notifications, consultancy tools, information gathering vehicles and such easily. Our interface is appraised by our clients as easy to use, straightforward and understandable. Technological backend is of "industrial torque" - strong engine can manage huge document-building rules and dialogues. Complex conditions for an introduction of certain clause can be built. Our Platform is also available for integrated use through our API, and when integrated, user may populate all files they build with Agens platform to their own databanks, extranets etc.

Legal professionals, as anyone whose writing matters, also appreciate the fact that files compiled with Agens platform come out as clean Microsoft Word docx, with the styling of your office - no need to add those watermarks or fight with page numbering anymore.

How does this work? You structure a document with 1) contents that are always there, no need to tailor 2) rules to introduce conditional content (eg. when to input an arbitration clause or not) 3) input fields, in which you need to input specifics - like names and numbers. These are then published to your "account" of platform (and kept information secure!) where you, or your junior or senior collagues may use them - and all the files tailored with predetermined choices always adhere to an accepted variation of the document.

Interested? Call Tuomas, +358447243677 or Seppo +358401711241!

Onko Sinulla tai yrityksellänne sopimisen tarpeita?

Välitämme aidosti ja haluamme, että ymmärrät mitä oikeuksia ja velvollisuuksia Sinulla henkilökohtaisesti tai yritykselläsi eri tahojen kanssa on. Käytössämme olevan toimintamallin ja teknologian avulla, voimme hetkessä tehdä teille kustannustehokkaan sopimuspalvelun.

Tiesitkö, että tavoitteenamme on olla maailman johtava sopimuspalvelu asiakaskokemuksella mitattuna? Kyllä – tule mukaan!

Ota yhteyttä: Tuomas Huokuna 044 724 3677